UPS Series
Power PS-RM
1100 ps & 1440 ps
Uninterrutible Power Systems

Power Management Suite Included FREE!
Power Management Suite Automatically initiates warnings and closes files in Windows 3.X, 95/98, NT, Novell, DOS and OS/2 environments. Unique On-Screen gauges provide instant power event analysis and power systems status information. Reports are viewed and printed indetailed, easy to read oscilloscope and bar chart grophic formats.

卓 越 特 殊 功 能 :

19" Rack Mount Configuration
Audible Alarm
True Sine-wave
Alarm Silence Switch on Front
Outlet Control
Low Battery Alarm
Load Shedding
User Changeable Battery
Automatic Voltage Regulation
Site Wiring Fault lndicator
lnternet/Network Protection
Self Diagnostics
User Configurable Voltage Settings
(Selectable only within voltage group)
Auto Restart

Expand Function:

Windows 95 /98 / NT / 2000
Windows 95 /98 / NT
DOS、Windows 3.1
DOS、Windows 3.1、Novell
Novell Netware
Linux Redhat
Support SNMP Adapter 外接式簡單網路管理通訊協定控制盒
OS/Warp 3.4

· Dependbility and Quality
Every OPTI-UPS includes a 3-year limited warranty, is backed with an aditional $25,000 Connected Equipment Policy, and has been manufactured to the strictest ISO9001 Quality standards, *(USA and Canada only, restrictions apply)
· True Sine-wave Output Voltage
Provides guaranteed compatibility with all types of loads and even the most sensitive equipment.
· Lightning, Surge, EMI/RFI Protection
Protects your hardware and software from damaging power events.
· Internet/Network Protection
Modem (RJ11)/10/100 Base-T (RJ45) connections complete your system protection by removing any chance of a surge entering through your data lines.
· Independent Outlet Control
Provides for remote control of certain outlet groups and the ability to extand run time by shutting off less critical devices early.
· User Replaceable Battery
Allows you to change your bttery easily and quickly when needed.
· Site Wiring Fault Indicator
Alerts you to hazardous missing ground and reverse potarity site miswirings.
The Power Professional Series Rack Mount with True Sine-Wave Output Networks and Mission Critical Systems.
The OPTI-UPS PowerPS Serices offers UPS to offer independent outlet the lastest in power protection control and load shedding for technology with advanced user professional power management.features for the professional Designed for the increasing office. Each powerPS model demand of high speed network provides protection from environments, the PowerPS blackouts, suges, sags and Series features 10/100 Base-T PowerPS Series features true surge protection. For more Sine-wave output voltage for information on the full line of sensitive critical systems.In OPTI-UPS products, contact addition, the PowerPS UPS is the only Customer Support.

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